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The Naples Influence


I know it is hard to believe, but platform tennies and colorful converse are all the rage here in Naples. Now, curtesy of Hubs, I have these gems to add to my shoe collection. Yes, I am collecting orders for shipments back to the States. Until tomorrow… Arrivederci!

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Port of Naples


Well, we made it! Our first stop was the Port of Naples. We made our hike back to the airport and boarded the hot bus for our interesting ride into the city. It is true what they say about the driving patterns of Italians… traffic lights are merely a suggestion. There is also an old castle near the port called Castel Nuovo. It is quite a strange site to see such an ancient fortress in the middle of a bustling city. Until tomorrow… Arrivederci!


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Give a little Happy

Give more to those around you and promote your business!

AR bag

Want to know what’s inside?

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Top Ten Dates in American History-Graphed

Framed version of one print from AR Originals Patriot Prints Collection

Dec 7 is one of the dates!

Check out the entire collection at

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