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Day Two


Tonight we went for a traditional Neapolitan meal: Buffalo Mozzarella Pizzas and Cappuccinos. We did add our own American flare by eating dinner at 6:15 (before the restaurant actually opened) instead around 9ish with the locals. Travel Tip: When possible travel with a beautiful baby. Every person we encounter is completely bewitched by Lilly. Until tomorrow… Arrivederci!

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Port of Naples


Well, we made it! Our first stop was the Port of Naples. We made our hike back to the airport and boarded the hot bus for our interesting ride into the city. It is true what they say about the driving patterns of Italians… traffic lights are merely a suggestion. There is also an old castle near the port called Castel Nuovo. It is quite a strange site to see such an ancient fortress in the middle of a bustling city. Until tomorrow… Arrivederci!


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Called to Serve


My husband is the most patriotic person I know. One of my favorite stories about this man is about his idea of the perfect first dance song for us as husband and wife. There was so much excitement in his voice when he announced that “America the Beautiful” by Ray Charles would be that perfect choice. He truly embodies what our Founding Fathers envisioned for this beautiful country. Tomorrow we ship off to Italy on military orders for three months. I will try my best to keep y’all updated with photos, tips, and funny stories. Until tomorrow… Arrivederci!


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Happy Spring


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